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Item number                           :           FR AUB BC 80 MANUFRANCE

Origin                                     :           France

Style                                       :           Box mechanism

Gauge                                     :           16

Suitable for pinfire                 :           Yes

Maker                                     :           E. AUBÉ & A. ROLLAND, 39 Rue de Chateaudun, Paris

Other markings                      :           “A R” and “Marque depose” on lock plate

And the MANUFRANCE brandmark”

Biggest length                        :           29,5 cm.

Weight                                     :           900 grams

Press lever                               :           Nickeled steel with wooden handle

Turning lever                          :           Nickeled steel with wooden handle

Crimper                                  :           Heavy steel

Materials                                :           Nickeled cast iron, plated steel.

Paint                                       :           Almost all  of the original nickel plating  left

Table clamp                            :           Top 2 and 3 diagonal ribs. Screw top without pins present

Condition                               :           Very good. Complete table clamp.

Repairs                                   :           None

Remarks                                 :           Non nickeled parts are still blued. Window in lock plate to show the gear


Heavy duty tool, as almost all of the A.R. tools


The catalogue describes this tool as:


Developed for amateurs is of very careful manufacture; all its organs are steel, carefully finished. The body and the levers are nickel-plated. It is a pleasure to crimp shot shells with this tool. You can close shot shell or 65 mm and 70 mm


Apparently AR made also tools for 3rd parties like MANUFRANCE and St. Hubert.

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UK Dixon BC A50