FR AUB LOAD 60 La Jumelle No. 1

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Item number                          :           FRA AUB LOAD 60 La Jumelle No. 1

Origin                                     :           France

Style                                       :           Multifunctional Loading Tool. Loads powder, wad, shot and closing disc and functions as a rammer.

Gauge                                     :           12, 16 and 20

Suitable for pinfire                 :           No

Maker                                     :           E. AUBÉ & A. ROLLAND, Rue de Chateaudun 39, Paris

Markings                                :           “La JUMELLE”, A.R. BREVETE and “POUDRE”and “PLOMB”

with measures. On the body

Biggest heigth                          :           520 mm

Breatest width                           :           500 mm

Weight                                      :           8.800 grams

Handles                                  :           Wood, no cracks

Materials                                :           Mostly cast iron, with some steel and brass details

Paint                                       :           Repainted in antique red

Table clamp                            :           Top is big triangle shaped. Flat surface Screw has triangle top with sharp pins on the corners

Condition                               :           Very good condition. Complete with 3 bottles.

Repairs                                   :           Some replaced screws.

Remarks                                 :

Bought at Ebay for quite a lot of money. But it is one of the missing big loading tools of A. & R.

La Jumelle No. 1 is a medium large loading tool. La Jumelle No. 2 is a big loading machine for loading 50 cartridges at a time.

La Jumelle No. 1 is very similar to the American tool from Orlando Belcher. Without doubt is has been made according his patents.

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UK Dixon BC A50