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Item number                           :           UK DIXON CAP 2181

Origin                                     :           United Kingdom

Style                                       :           Cap- / Decapping tool

Gauge                                     :           12

Maker                                     :           James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield

Markings                                :           “12”, “PATENT 24417” and “2181” on one side of the lever;

The Trumpet, “{ JAMES DIXON & SONS”on the other side

Bottom sizes                           :           84 x45 mm

Weight                                     :           324 grams

Materials body                       :           Brass bottom, brass pillars, black painted  steel lever with ebony grip

Paint                                       :           Contains most of the original red paint

Condition                               :           Good.

Repairs                                   :           None


Contains a spare needle under one of the pillars.                             :

This capping tool carries the name : “Horsley’s Patent”. Baker states (page 4) “…. And foreign made variants appeared in catalogues published round the world.” I personally think that Horsley copied a lot of reloading tools from the continent. Similar French tools are functioning far better than this Dixon tool.

Dixon made this tool also for other parties, like BGI.

The Dixon catalogue 1882 states:

No. 1181 Horsley’s Patent, central fire recapper and expeller

No. 2181 Horsley’s Patent, central fire recapper and expeller 2nd quality

No. 1181 B Horsley’s Patent, central fire recapper and expeller Nickel Silver

And not in that catalogue there is

No. 2181½ also a 2 pillar tool, but not according Horsley’s Patent


The pillars can be screwed off. Under the pillars there is a hole with a screw thread, where a spare needle can be stored. If one looks to the bottom of the tool it can be seen if a spare needle is present.

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UK Dixon BC A50