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Item number                           :           UK HAW BC A-1

Origin                                     :           United Kingdom

Style                                       :           English Style

Gauge                                     :           16

Suitable for pinfire                 :           Yes

Stabilizer                                 :          No

Cartridge pusher                    :           Yes.

Maker                                     :           G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY Ltd, Carver Street, Sheffield

Markings                                :           “G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY’S .” and “16” on press lever

Biggest length                        :           295 mm

Weight                                   :           593 grams

Length of shell tube               :           61 mm. (“full barrel”)

Suspension of press lever       :           Single

Press handle                           :           Partly round steel lever with horn handle with traces of case hardening. The model however is the same as the A50 models.

(the no.4 Dixon model)

Turning handle                       :           Case hardened steel turning lever with dark horn handle

Closing cup                            :           Brassl

Materials body                       :           Brass

Paint                                       :          retains some of the original red paint

Table clamp                            :          Top clover shaped with 3 sharp steel pins.  Screw top triangular with sharp pins at the corners. Not a very common model.

In this collection only the A-2 has such a screw top.

Condition                               :           Good

Repairs                                   :           None

Remarks                                 :          .


The only written information available is from the (Cornell Publications) reprint of the Hawksley catalogue from 1889. This catalogue is not complete. There are tools that are not mentioned in this catalogue.

This one is not listed in the available catalogue. So the A-1 number doesn’t refer to a catalogue.

Unlike Dixon, Hawksley does not list the catalogue numbers on the tools themselves. It is therefore often a matter of guessing what the catalogue number of a tool is. I have done my very best to achieve some ranking.

Most of the Hawksley bench rest closers – apart from the A50 and (A)A44 models – have numbers with an (A)A70 in the number. Actually, the only exception is the A31C. That the tool with the Dixon no.5 press lever.

The best quality Hawksley tools have horn handles. The 2nd and 3rd  quality tools have ebony handles. Quite often it is very difficult to tell the difference between ebony and horn. The kind of horn (buffalo?) Hawksley used is very dark; black. Just as ebony. If you have both materials in a pure form you can heat them and smell the difference. The handles of loading tools however are always a bit greasy. That means that you always get the same scent.





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