UK HAW BC A50 Chrome

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Item number                           :           UK HAW BC A50 Chrome

Origin                                     :           United Kingdom

Style                                       :           English Style

Gauge                                     :           12

Suitable for pinfire                 :           Yes

Stabilizer                                 :          No

Cartridge pusher                    :           N.a.

Maker                                     :           G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY Ltd, Carver Street, Sheffield

Markings                                :           “G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY PATENT” and “12” on turning lever

Biggest length                        :           295 mm

Weight                                    :           697 grams

Press handle                           :           Steel lever with dark coloured horn handle. Some rodent damage

Turning handle                       :           Steel patented lever with dark coloured horn handle with some rodent damage

Closing cup                            :           Brass.

Materials body                       :           Chromed rass

Paint                                       :           N.a.

Table clamp                            :           Top typical Hawksley spade (cards) shaped with 3 sharp steel pins .

Screw top round without pins

Condition                               :           Very good

Repairs                                   :           None

Remarks                                 :

The number “A50” comes from the 1889 Hawksley catalogue, where it is called the “Hawksley’s Patent “Clip” Cartridge Turnover”

It is sometimes difficult to decide whether it is a A50, a A44 or a AA44. If possible it is mentioned at this place.


This is possibly a A50NP. But it is not nickel plated but chromed. There is also a nickel plated one in this collection. Apparently this one is of a later date.


This is a “cradle” species. The barrel lies in a kind of cradle. Not all of these Hawksley tools have this construction.

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UK Dixon BC A50