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Item number                           :           UK HAW PS A1CR-1

Origin                                     :           United Kingdom

Style                                       :           Powder measure

Maker                                     :           G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY, Carver Street, Sheffield

Markings                                :           “G. & J.W. HAWKSLEY”, “Drs Powder” on side of the cup

Weights                                  :           Powder Drams  3½, 3¾, 4, 4¼, 4½, 4¾, 5

Weight                                     :           61 grams

Materials                                 :           Brass cup with box-wood rammer handle

Condition                               :           Very good

Repairs                                   :           None



This is a very big powder measure. Maybe for black powder.                                 :


I have now 23-03-2021 2 Hawksley’s catalogues:

  1. Reprint of the 1889 catalogue of Cornell Publications. As usual this is a bad copy, just missing page 1, the page with the information about the powder and shot measures.
  2. An original catalogue from 1951 (?) when Hawksley has already been taken over by Dixon.


The 1951 catalogue only shows the flat bottom measures.

A1C    Powder measure, Brass, Round Handle

A2C    Shot measure, Brass, Round Handle

A1P     Powder measure, Nickel-Plated, Round Handle

A2P     Shot Powder measure, Nickel-Plated, Round Handle

A3C    Combined Powder and Shot measure, Brass, with Rammer Handle

A3P     Combined Powder and Shot measure, Nickel-Plated, with Rammer Handle


From the 1889 catalogue I can conclude that A1 stands for Powder and A2 for Shot. “R” stands for a rammer handle. But I don’t understand how the flat bottom can be distinguished from the round bottom. On this website all Hawksley powder and shot measures with a round bottom are marked with an “O” number.

The handles can be from wood (ebony or bow wood) or horn

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UK Dixon BC A50