UK WEB BC 7006

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Item number                           :           UK WEB BC 7006

Origin                                     :           United Kingdom

Style                                       :           English Style

Gauge                                     :           12

Suitable for pinfire                 :           Yes

Stabilizer                                 :          Yes, right side

Cartridge pusher                    :           No

Maker                                     :           P. WEBLEY & SON, London and Birmingham

Markings                                :           “7006, 12” on press lever

Biggest length                        :           260 mm

Weight                                   :           528 grams

Press lever                              :           hardened steel lever with ebony handle

Turning lever                          :           Green painted steel lever with ebony handle

Closing cup                            :           Internal brass

Barrel                                     :           Half barrel

Materials body                       :           Cast iron body

Paint                                       :           Probably repainted in green.

Table clamp                            :           Steel screw has round top with 4 flat rounded pins. Distinctive for Webley

Top fancy shaped, flat with 5 deep cross wise ribs

Condition                               :           Reasonable

Repairs                                   :           None

Remarks                                 :



I have two catalogues from Webley those of 1877 and 1888.


This tool is listed in the 1888 catalogue


In the official listing of the tools in the Webley catalogue, the letter stands for the number. Because of the automatic sequence determination in this website, the letter is behind the number.

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