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Item number                           :           UK WEB MF RS 7044

Origin                                     :           England

Style                                       :           MULTI  FUNTION TOOL

Gauge                                     :           12

Functions                               :           Hand tool for (de-)capping, reloading and wad seating.

Suitable for pinfire                 :           ?

Maker                                     :           P. WEBLEY & SON, London and Birmingham

Markings                                :           “12” on press lever

Biggest length                        :           320 mm

Weight                                     :           263 grams

Press lever                               :           Steel with black painted wooden handle

Turning lever                          :           Nickel-plated steel with wooden handle

Closing cup                            :           N.a.

Cartridge pusher                    :           N.a.

Materials body                       :           Brass

Paint                                       :           N.a.

Table clamp                            :           N.a.

Stabilizer                                :           N.a.

Condition                               :           Good

Repairs                                   :           None

Remarks                                 :


I have 2 (reprints of) catalogues of Webley, those of 1877 and 1888. These reprint are made by Cornell Publications, USA. Unfortunately the pages are not all fully copied. That’s why we miss some information.


This tool is listed in the 1888 catalogue.


In the same catalogue is listed no SP 7044, the  “Patent Simplex Cartridge Machine”, the famous “J.C. COCKER PATENT 5535”.

The only difference between the RS 7044 and the SP 7044 is that the latter has a cartridge closing tool attached.


This tool does not bear a name or catalogue number. The Cocker patent tools only list the patent, not the catalogue number or maker’s name. However, this RS 7044 looks exactly like the catalogue image.

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UK Dixon BC A50