UK WEB MF R7007 Abrahams

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Item number                           :           UK WEB MF R7007 Abrahams

Origin                                     :           England

Style                                       :           MULTI  FUNTION TOOL

Gauge                                     :           12

Functions                               :           Cartridge closing and re- capping

Suitable for pinfire                 :           Yes

Maker                                     :           P. WEBLEY & SON, London and Birmingham

Markings                                :           “H. Abrahams & Co, MELBOURNE, 12”on press lever

Biggest length                        :           250 mm

Height                                    :           125 mm

Weight                                      :           811 grams

Press lever                               :           Steel lever no 6 with movable shell holder. With black painted wooden handle.

Turning lever                          :           Green painted steel lever with black painted wooden handle

Closing cup                            :           Internal brass

Cartridge pusher                    :           Yes, original

Barrel                                     :           Full barrel

Materials body                       :           Brass

Paint                                       :           Repainted

Table clamp                            :           Top oval with 6 cross wise ribs.

Screw has round top with 4 flat pins. Webley distinctive

Stabilizer                                :           None

Condition                               :           Good

Repairs                                   :           Screw for hinge press lever looks replaced..3

Remarks                                 :


This is unmistakeably a Webley tool R 7007 although there is not a catalogue number stamp. This tool looks even more like the catalogue drawing, with even the (de-)capper at the right side. More Webley tools were made for third parties


  1. Abrahams & Co., Gunmakers, Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne gun dealership, disgraced after two court cases in the early 1890s following the discovery that they were fraudulently stamping cheap Belgian and lower grade firearms with well-known brands such as Hollis & Hollis and W.W. Greener.

Frontal and profile portraits of the four sons of Henry Abrahams (died 1886) can be found in the prison registers held at the Public Records Office of Victoria.

Medley Hall (University of Melbourne, Drummond St, Carlton), formerly ‘Benvenuta’ was the family home, before having to be sold by the four brothers’ mother, Leah Abrahams nee Solomon, to cover the costs of the court case.

Trade addresses as a gun dealer taken from Sands & McDougall directories up until 1900 are:

Abrahams, H.: 182-184 Elizabeth St (1886, 1888); 182 Elizabeth St (1887); 326 Elizabeth St (1889).

Abrahams, H., & Co.: 316 Elizabeth St (1890); 320 Elizabeth St (1891-1895); 129 Elizabeth St (1894-1895); 316 Elizabeth St (1897-1899).


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