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Item number                           :           UK WEB MF XLCR 7045

Origin                                     :           England

Style                                       :           MULTI  FUNTION TOOL

Gauge                                     :           12

Functions                               :           (De-)capping, reloading, wad seating cartridge closing

Suitable for pinfire                 :           No

Maker                                     :           P. WEBLEY & SON, London and Birmingham

Markings                                :           “XLCR 7045, 12”on press lever

Biggest length                        :           250 mm

Weight                                     :           514 grams

Press lever                               :           Nickel-plated steel..

Turning lever                          :           Nickel-plated steel with wooden handle

Closing cup                            :           Internal brass

Cartridge pusher                    :           Yes, original

Materials body                       :           Nickel-plated brass

Paint                                       :           N.a.

Table clamp                            :           N.a.

Stabilizer                                :           None

Condition                               :           Very good. Some wear in the nickel-plating

Repairs                                   :          None

Remarks                                 :


This is one of the most interesting tools of the collection, because it doesn’t only holds all necessary functions to reload a cartridge, but it does that in a way to reload that cartridge in the field.


Nowadays the meaning exists (at least by me) that at British driven shoots huge amounts of birds (pheasants, partridges, ducks) are shot. 100 birds a day is the bare minimum, but 300, 400 even thousand or even more birds are more common.

But in the past these bags were apparently not that big. Cartridges were loaded during the day of the shoot. Almost all of the “tall boys” are detachable so that they can be stored in a gun case.


Somewhere  else in this collection (not listed yet) there is a gun case containing – next to the gun – all high quality necessary tools to reload shot cartridges.


Obviously shooters were not that greedy as they are today.

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