The purpose of this website is to share my collection of antique and vintage shot cartridge (re)loading tools with you, collectors all over the world.

I am going to start with the British tools, especially with the biggest maker in the world, with James Dixon & Sons from Sheffield. It is not a coincidence that my Labrador is named “Dixon”.

The British tools are the easiest. They are generally more or less the same, only different because of their brand name.

The biggest collector of British tools is Paul Collis in Australia. My collection includes tools from all over the world. The French made more tools than the British.

The French tool however have a far bigger variety. It was a challenge to categorize them in a logical way, so that I can find them again. It happens regularly that I buy tools, that are already in my collection because I couldn’t find them.

My ultimate goal is to make a reference work for all collectors of shot shell reloading tools of the world. So please don’t hesitate to supply me with useful information, with advises and correct me where I am wrong.

Zwijndrecht, Netherlands, April 2020